McDougall aces Belmont’s 13th Featured

Written by  Feb 18, 2022

What a way to start the year!   Congratulations to Lynda McDougall (Pacific Dunes) for her hole in one at Belmont Open Day on Thursday 17 February.  Teeing up the her 4 Rescue on the par 3, 121M 13th hole, Lynda was happy to see her shot land on the green until it disappeared from sight.  Arriving on the green with her wedge and putter in-hand her ball was no where to be seen...until her playing partner looked in the hole and found Lynda's orange Volvok ball!   Needless to say, they took Lynda's score of 1 for 5 on the hole!   And at the end of the day, Lynda also won the NTP with her first ever hole in one. Congratulations Lynda!

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