Womens Foursomes Tournament

The Women’s Foursomes Championships were held at Waratah GC on Friday 7 June in good conditions for all 41 teams competing in two Divisions. The team of Stacie McDonald & Holly Ibbotson from Merewether were the Championship winners with a great scratch score of 76. The scratch runners up were the Newcastle team of Deirdre Brander & Jill Blenkey with 82. The Division 2 Scratch winners were Michelle Boshier & Beate Forster from Pacific Dunes. Congratulations to all the prize winners!


The full results were: 

Open Scratch Winners: Stacie McDonald & Holly Ibbotson (Merewether) 76

Scratch R/ Up: Deirdre Brander & Jill Blenkey (Newcastle) 82

Division 1 Nett Winners: Jenny Frost & Heather Atkins (Nelson Bay) 72.5

Division 1 Nett R/ Up: Jennie Bellamy & Tamara Johansen (Newcastle) 73.5

Division 2 Scratch Winners: Michelle Boshier & Beate Forster (Pacific Dunes) 99

Division 2 Scratch R/Up: Jennifer Powers & Doreen Goodsell (Belmont) 100

Division 2 Nett Winners: Georgina Watts & Karen Patrick (Belmont) 75

Division 2 Nett R/Up: Gael Andrews & Kathy Potter (Waratah) 82 CB

NTP: Division 1:  9TH: Jennie Bellamy

                          14TH: Carol Knox

         Division 2:  9TH: Janeatte Neal

                          14TH: Wendy Wilkinson    

Ball Comp: 2 Dozen: 6 pairs in Division 1, 6 pairs in Division 2.

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Should you have any enquiries regarding this event please contact NHDLGA Captain Dominique Kelly Email: captain@nhdlga.org.au