Veteran’s Salver

The  2020 GNSW Medal Playoff & Veteran’s Salver will be held (in conjunction) at Shortland Waters on Monday 19 October.   

2019 Event Summary:

Thirty eight (38) players competed in the GNSW State playoff in 3 divisions & 49 players contested for a number of prizes in 2 divisions in the Vet’s Salver.  In spite of the previous day’s forecast of rainy weather leading to an unfortunate number of cancellations, players were pleasantly surprised with very mild initial conditions for their first 9 holes.   However some thunder & a little lightening added a bit of challenge and spice to the day.  After a short weather recess, those remaining continued on to finish their round in good conditions.

The Veteran’s Salver was well contested with Denise Collins from Belmont awarded the trophy with 37 points. 

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