Mixed Foursomes

The 2022 District Mixed Foursomes will be played at Newcastle on Sunday 10 July. (date updated 11 February).  Entries close 1 July. 

Click here for Mixed Foursomes Flyer


Thank you for your interest in our District event.  Unfortunately, due to the age of our website our online forms application is no longer functional  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 

Our new NHDLGA website will come online in the coming months and until then, we will use a downloadable registration form for our events.  This form is built with excel and enables you to fill in the form electronically and send it back to the District.   While this is a bit of a backwards step from our online form process, it’s the only alternative we have until the new website comes online. 

Find the Mixed Foursomes form below.

To use this form:

  1. Click here to download the form 
  2. Download the form onto your laptop or mobile device.   
  3. Open the form with Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet compatible software application.
  4. Complete the form with your information
  5. Save the form to your device.   When saving, please add your name and the event to the file name so the District Treasurer and Captain can keep entries organized. 
    1. For example: 'Your Name'District Mixed 4some or 'Your Name' Championship.   
    2. Anything in any order will do as long as it helps identify your entry and the event from other submissions.
  6. Email the form to the District Treasurer and Captain at: treasurer@nhdlga.org.au and captain@nhdlga.org.au


If, for some reason, you cannot use the auto fill-in feature: 

  1. Print the form
  2. Complete the form
  3. Scan or take a picture of the completed form
  4. Email the form to the District Treasurer and Captain at:   treasurer@nhdlga.org.au   and captain@nhdlga.org.au

Payment information

  1. NHDLGA Account Details:
    • Account Name: NHDLGA   
    • BSB: 637000   
    • Acc: 718687373
  2. Payment for this event by Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer/ Deposit
  3. Entries are not accepted until payment received.
  4. Show your Name and Club as ID on your deposit advice.
  5.  $60 per team